Friday, August 22, 2008

Why Margaret Cho is My Hero(ine)...

Margaret Cho was recently on an episode of Chelsea Lately (my obsession), and talked about her new show The Cho Show, airing on vH1. While doing so she made me literally laugh outloud and spew juice out of my nose and onto my dog. The following statements are merely highlights, but seriously, my nose still hurts and my dog has been giving me the stink eye for an hour...

On Sam Ronson and Lindsay Lohan: "I'd like to guest star in that bed! I hope Ronson's a really butch top, and oooh I hope she's bossy...But I don't really like threesomes because they make me feel like a competitive eater."

On The Cho Show: "...Did I mention I'm naked in every episode? No, seriously."

On her parents: "Well my parents were kind of nervous about being on the show. Because at first they thought they were getting Punk'd. But you have to understand, in Korea getting Punk'd means getting taken out to a field and being shot in the head."

On doing a reality show: "Well it's a reality show, but it's it's like the Hills, but we have eyes."

WATCH HER SHOW!..that's really all I can say, I have to go clean up juice.

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