Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Poetic Rant for a Change...

The natural inclination after a long, stressful day (especially one involving lack of sleep, hostile confrontation and/or menstruation) is to uncork one of these:

Today, however, I decided to take the high road, go for a long walk, and then get drunk on words (which, essentially is not nearly as fun, but causes me to behave). So, in a welcome retreat from the usual, my poetic rant:

There is this disconnect between thoughts and actions, the wires get tangled, crossed or erode away in dusty crevices inside thick walls. Futile attempts leave sweaty brows and broken spirits beyond a barrier not easily surpassed. I stroll the sidewalks, side-stepping reason and rationale hidden between the cracks, dodging the dawn. Sunlight is not illumination, but the passage of time, slowly winding, rotating; a living creature drawing stolen breaths of life. We oblige the burglary of spirit, suffocating character with the exhalation of harsh words, noxious waste like the second-hand air. Slamming doors without latching the locks or turning keys, only fooling the night and its implications. Don't be daft and detrimental, blindly bandaging self-inflicted wounds, fingertips running across silent scars. We exist in the gray hues of black and white life, believing in dichotomy, imagining colors on the convex surface of the lens. The audience is subjective if aware at all, if present at least. But the show continues, curtain open wide, the monologues echoing acoustic. Try to repair the cables and leads, walking in the darkness until it stretches into day. Knock-knock-knock at the closed doors until there is an answer; sweet fluidity coursing through veins and into hearts. Listen, focus, dream reality in the gaps of doubt and uncertainty. Reconnect.

Re-enactment of me after my rant:

And for sh*ts and giggles, I came across The Cattleman Stress Test. Please observe the picture below and then continue reading for your stress diag-nonsense.

  • Above is a photograph taken of two dolphins
  • The dolphins appear to be nearly identical when viewed by stress-free individuals. The test is not sufficiently accurate to detect mild stress differentials, but is very accurate on individuals with higher stress-levels.
  • Deviations in appearance between the 2 dolphins are indicators of potential stress-related problems and the deviations, if any, may also indicate the source of stress.
  • If you experience significant deviations, you may want to consider taking things a little easier...

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