Thursday, August 7, 2008

Great Ad...what are we protesting again?

Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard met controversy just days before the opening ceremonies in China because of her naked PETA campaign poster. The gold medalists' anti-fur campaign poster was banned from inside the Athlete's Village, the unveiling canceled for "safety concerns." I'm not quite sure for whose safety they were concerned, but apparently in China naked=bad, communism=good. Violation of civil liberties is completely acceptable, but don't you dare tread into their country without bottoms on, especially if you are suggesting they not slaughter animals for fashion, sport, or something loaded with MSG.

PETA ads, always known for being provocative and literally eye-popping (I had to shove one of mine back in the socket a few times) have always demanded attention. I love animals, and completely understand the fight for animal rights, but I'm definitely not giving up Chicken Wing Wednesday at Flanagan's. Regardless of your carnivorous status, you have to at least pay a little homage to the beauty that is "I'd rather go naked than wear fur."

But somehow, I don't think this next one is getting the point across. Hmmm, let's display a naked woman as literally "a piece of meat." Great idea marketing department! And men everywhere collectively pick their tongues up off the floor.

You have to admit though, the slogans are just a little short of genius.

Could it be the genuine simplicity? Or the naked Hugo Boss models...

At any rate, China, get over yourself. PETA, keep making naked fashionable (though I'm not sure when it wasn't), and fighting for the cute, cuddly, defenseless and/or ferocious. I won't wear fur, or lipstick tested on baby seals, or ivory from dead elephant tusks. However, I'm not giving up filet mignon. Beggars can't be choosers, after all.

And thank you, Ms. Basinger, for this small side note to whoever stole my favorite jacket from the club last year. Listen up, jacket thief: "Someone Else's Coat" means humans too. When you're ready, I'd like it back, much appreciated.

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